Disputes often arise because of lack of communication which arise between individuals or companies. Left unresolved, these disputes escalate unnecessarily. Often, parties resort to lawsuits to resolve their problems. Not all problems are suitable for resolution in the Courts. Besides being time consuming, costly and increasing acrimony and emotions between the parties, parties often lose control of the proceedings. They are unable to decide.

Proceedings in Court take a long time, is very costly and increases acrimony and emotions. Parties lose control of the proceedings and do not have any power to find a resolution to their problems. Often the judgment delivered by the Court does not please both parties. A judgment is not the end of the journey. The winning party then have to take steps to enforce the judgment if the other party does not comply with it.

Before entering the door steps of the Court, disputants should take control of their problem and find solutions for it. One of the way to do is by mediation. Resolvers Pte Ltd was incorporated to assist individuals and companies to resolve their disputes by way of mediation.